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  • gweaver
    Check this thread out: Engine box insulation
    Should have everything you need. Short version is that most folks use a foam rubber insulation from McMaster, with adhesive on one side, reflective foil on the other. McMaster. I think most folks go with the 1" stuff.
    I don't recall how much most folks wind up using, but I'm pretty sure it's in the thread linked above.

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  • mcerick
    started a topic Engine Cover advice

    Engine Cover advice

    going to be tackling new carpet in my PS 190 before spring and upon doing so while i have the hatch off i would like to put the correct foam/insulation in the hatch as there is none right now except for the old glue. Is there a certain kind of Insulation or foam that is to be used in this area or what does everyone usually do? thanks in advance.