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1999 X Star V Drive Exhaust Manifold and Riser Replacement - DIY?

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  • 1999 X Star V Drive Exhaust Manifold and Riser Replacement - DIY?

    Last shop I went to that dewinterized the motor; stripped the drain plug threads in the manifold to the starboard side and fixed via JB Weld. So obviously that has to be replaced in order for it to be winterized this fall. My question is DIY? Im not very knowledgeable with engine repair (particularly marine engine), but from what I can tell; it doesn't look all that complex (youtube). Obviously I don't want to ruin the motor and I know how youtube can give you a false sense of security, so I am asking for input as to whether this is something I should tackle or go with a pro. Its not a money thing, but more of a I would like to know how to fix my own boat thing. I know to be careful about getting debris down in the ports when I remove the manifold, but any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Also, If I replace one manifold and riser; should I go ahead and replace both?

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    What did you end up doing? I have a hole in my portside manifold and wonder how bad of a job it is. I think I am going to have to deal with some rust as well.


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      I recently took mine off to replace the riser gaskets and clean and paint the parts, since there was some rust in the usual areas. Really not bad at all, but mine is a direct drive, so it is very easy access to work on.