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2006 X30 No spark, good fuel pressure

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    This thread may help also. look at post #18
    99 MariStar 230 Sport LTR 330


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      Thank you mtajpa, you were correct it was one of the three fuses that were bad. Replaced the 20 amp fuse and started right up. So now i have new cap and rotor, crank sensor, plugs, wires, coil, ignition module, and now I am winterizing the boat.

      The fuses are not right out in the open, you have to look next to the ECM and below the relays.


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        I've been running the boat off and on for the last few weeks and thought I was having a problem with the fuel pump so I changed it out yesterday and put a new filter since I had it out. Still having a problem.

        Starts great, runs smooth and can plane out at 3000 to 3900 RPM's like a fine clock, once the tach gets to 4000 or above the engine spudders and it's like I'm hitting the rev limiter then the check engine and bell come on.

        I need a code reader to find out what code it's throwing. Where can I get a cheap one? And is the 2006 X30 5.7L MEFI 5?


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          Do you have fresh gas or is it old from last year?


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            I am a new owner of a 2006 X30 and encountered a similar problem towards the end of last year. In my case, the code came back to be an error with the oxygen sensors. I took it into the dealer for a reading. Does your boat have 02 sensors? I've heard some of 06's do and some don't. I have one sensor in each manifold.

            I'm going to be replacing my O2 sensors shortly. I purchased Denso sensors model 234-4337. They look the same as factory but I'm not 100% sure they will work 😬. Does anyone have advice about using automotive sensors?


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              Fresh gas, emptied the tank at the end of last year for winterizing and put in fresh at the first of may.

              It does not have the CAT, so no O2 sensors.

              I'm beginning to think it's a grounding problem.


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                Did you ever figure it out? I’m having a similar problem with my 06 XStar now


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                  Yes, what i found out.

                  There are three 15 amp fuses that are above the relays and the ignition one was blown changed it out and started up first try. Happen to call my local mastercraft shop and got a mechanic that luckily answered the phone and told me immediately what it was.


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                    Still other issues

                    I have a 2006 X30 MCX 350 5.7l engine. I have had a few problems but still have an issue.

                    To recap the things that I have done and resolved some issues that I was having here is a list of things that I have changed and fixed.

                    Fuel pump - had an issue with loss of pressure, put a fuel pressure gauge on the rail found out that the hose from the fuel pump to the regulator on the top of the fuel canister was leaking. Took it apart and found out that if you don't have the clamp right over the barb it will leak by. How did I figure this out? Had the entire canister out of the fuel tank took a five gallon bucket submerged the entire pump into gasoline in the bucket used my air compressor and set it at 15 psi and forced air through the hose and it began to bubble. Adjusted clamps to sit on barbs, and it worked. If you buy a whole new canister be ready to pay a good sum of money. I bought a new fuel pump at O'Reilly's (life time warranty) and it works great. Holds 55 psi on the rail for ten minutes after turning the key on and off.

                    Temp was running really low when I first bought the boat. From the previous boat I owned I knew the thermostat was toast. Change it out with a 160 degree thermostat, works.

                    Read a lot of posts on here for other problems and followed a lot of advice but I still have an issue. Changed the plugs, wires, coil, distributor, crank shaft position sensor, knock sensors (two, one on each side), batteries, throttle position sensor, had relays checked and tested by a mechanic, checked grounding wire, changed out freshwater pump with a brand new one. Soooo, I changed out the ECT and MAP sensors today and will take the boat out tomorrow and see if I have a fix. Also, I changed out the gas and put in fresh gas just to make sure.

                    So, with all that said here is the issue. The boat starts like a champion, the temp warms up normal and hangs around 145 to 160 without issue. (read a post about the ECT so I bought one from Skidim, great place to get parts by the way, find out tomorrow if that was an issue). It takes about 8 to 10 minutes to cruise from the launch to the buoy line before you can open her up, no wake zone, as I throttle up everything is great no issues, oil pressure and temps are always good, as soon as I throttle up to about 3900 rpm's the boat starts acting up, it acts like it's missing but acts more like its a problem with fuel. Almost acts like it's a rev limiter but I read on Indmar they don't have a rev limiter, rpm limits are programmed in to ECM if I read that correctly, Not for sure. ( I have ran the boat with the fuel pressure gauge on the rail with no loss of pressure). Someone mentioned to me about the MAP sensor and maybe it being faulty and not allowing the right mix of air to fuel. If you try to continue to WOT it just keeps doing it and then you get a check engine light and warning signal but IT DOES NOT go into limp mode.

                    So, if anyone has a piece of advice on this issue, please let me know.

                    A boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into.


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                      One more thing

                      Last May took the boat to Texas Mastercraft and they hooked it up for diagnostics and the ECM did not hold any codes, so when the check engine light comes on no codes were stored. They were puzzled by this. I was sitting in the boat with them when they hooked up. They never got to my boat it was there for over a month and I just went down and picked it up at the last June.


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                        Originally posted by skiman66 View Post
                        Last May took the boat to Texas Mastercraft and they hooked it up for diagnostics and the ECM did not hold any codes, so when the check engine light comes on no codes were stored. They were puzzled by this. I was sitting in the boat with them when they hooked up. They never got to my boat it was there for over a month and I just went down and picked it up at the last June.
                        if every thing checks out fine - what's fuel pressure doing at WOT -
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                          Fuel Pressure

                          My fuel pressure is not changing whether it's at idle or WOT. It's holding them same.

                          Took the boat out today and still surging, I'll post a video on Youtube and link it so everyone can see what the tach is doing and you can hear whats going on.

                          It's almost like the Perfect Pass is saying whoa back off, but yet PP is not on or engaged.


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                            Texas Mastercraft

                            By the way, by no means was I being disrespectful to Texas Mastercraft, they told me it would be 4 weeks before they could get to it and I called at 5 weeks and said they had not looked at it yet. We had family coming to see us and wanted to go out so I went down and picked it up. They didn't charge me anything for putting it on the reader.


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                              Called the new mastercraft sales/service in OKC and bringing it in to get looked at. Talked to the guy and he said it may need the ecm flashed/reprogrammed. I'll let you know what I find out. 3 weeks time frame.


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                                I had an issue years ago on my 2006 mcx where it did not have a spark on all cylinders. I found out the issue was the distributor cap. Here's the response I got from the dealer, and it fixed my problem - my cap had a letter E and it was brand new:

                                "What letter is on your distributor cap? I have seen a bunch of brand new caps bad from the start or go bad quick. If it has an e on it throw it in the trash. If it doesn't id still start there and try a new one. However it could be the pickup in the distributor or the ignition module which is the silver piece with a plug next to the coil."

                                The dealer sent me a replacement cap that was from a different lot than E, and it ran great.