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Limp Mode with stargazer operating

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  • Limp Mode with stargazer operating

    For the past 6 years on the 2005 197tt I have not been able to use Perfect Pass when I am skiing. Everything is running fine but after the 2-5th hard pull the boat drops to limp mode. No temp issues and easily reset with turning the boat off and on. Now that my boys are starting to pull harder also it is happening with them also. Note that this has never occurred without the perfect pass engaged and has only happened once while pulling up a heavy skier. Never happens with a wakeboard, ski-ski, or surfing so I think it has more to do with the boat being under a heavy load. With perfect pass off it has never occurred. The perfect pass module has been replaced but has not resolved it. I don't recall what code appeared when the dealer plugged in but he said it was a general fault that does not provide enough detail to isolate. I have also cleaned and torqued on all the electrical connections around the engine and under the dash. Only run premium non-ethanol from my own 150 gal tank.

    Last year a new problem popped that is probably unrelated. Oil and volt gauges went bad and being replaced. Any chance the issue caused the gauges to go bad?

    Does anyone have any ideas as it only happens under load in conjunction with perfect pass? I think I have already read all the posts on the TPP which do not appear to relate completely.