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2010 Mastercraft X2 - 5.7L Indmar Engine Overheating

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  • 2010 Mastercraft X2 - 5.7L Indmar Engine Overheating

    I have an overheating issue with my X2.

    At idle, everything is good. I have water circulation (I can see water movement in the strainer) and the temperature is 165 F. I take is out on the lake and increase the rpms and the strainer empties and the engine heats up (200 F). I've removed the raw water pump impeller and it looks good. Thinking the next steps are to replace the impeller and thermostat. Any other suggestions?

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    I would start with replacing both the thermostat and impeller, even though it looks fine, it can still cause problems. I don't have strainer on my boat, so not sure if there can be an issue with that. But it sounds like your not able to pull enough water through pump, which would be the impeller.


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      Possible air leak in the strainer? Under higher rpms, might be suckin some air.

      No point in looking for an answer here until you check the impeller. If that's good then I'd take the strainer out and run direct and see if that's the problem.
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        Thanks for the replies.

        Even though the impeller on the raw water pump looked fine, I replaced it. This has solved my problem!


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          I had an impeller where the rubber separated from the brass center, so the impeller looked fine but the rubber fins were not spinning with the brass center. That is why it is good to change them every year, regardless.
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            Got the same issue at the same boat last year,
            forgot to reinstall the seal on the bolt of strainer and it sucks air at higher rpm.