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95 PS190 loss of power/bog above 1500 RPM

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  • 95 PS190 loss of power/bog above 1500 RPM

    Out on the lake (Whatcom) last night for #2 kid's 13th birthday, after running fine for about 1 hour, issue started with loss of about 500 RPM and 5 MPH, then 10 MPH, after about 5 mins i was down to running around 1200 RPM and limped home. Any attempt to add throttle results in engine bog.

    Spent about 2 hours reading the fuel pump posts last night, but many/most of those are geared towards the in-tank fuel pump issues related to mid 2000's craft, not my 1995 with the external fuel pump mounted on back/portside of engine. I believe this is my 3rd fuel pump since taking ownership in 2009, grrr.

    I will be checking the screen on suction side of fuel pump and replacing fuel filter tonight as a first step, I did not have too much fuel pump whine last night, although i did perceive some change in engine noise which i attribute to the fuel pump (not 100% sure, it was a very slight noise). So hoping it is just a blockage. I did put 5 gallons in the boat yesterday from a portable can that i don't use very often, so maybe it got dirty inside somehow. The gas was very fresh, and i also added 15 gals at the station on the way to the ramp. I rarely go below 1/4 or even 1/3 tank based on prior fuel pump issues and warnings on other posts.

    My struggle is finding the right fuel pump if i do indeed have to replace this week. It looks like skidim does not carry? Here's a link to the right fuel pump that is not available at

    Here is a link to what skidim is selling for my era MC, but does not look same as what is installed:

    i sure don't like the price of either the or options.

    Anyone have non-marine part # ideas or websites i can try? I had a spare fuel pump that i bought in 2013 at $300 for exactly this purpose from skidim, but some lowlife stole a toolbox that had the brand new spare fuel pump and all my other boat parts and tools right out of my driveway a couple summers back.

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    Borrow or buy a fuel pressure gauge so you can determine if the fuel pump is your problem.
    '96 ProStar 205 SD LT-1


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      Thanks for the quick reply....can you describe or show photo of where to attach pressure gauge?


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        I am not sure where it is on the TBI engine. On the LT1, there is a Schraeder valve on the fuel rail. You might need an adapter on the TBI. I am sure someone with your engine will be along shortly.
        '96 ProStar 205 SD LT-1


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          thanks....i will definitely look for a tee or connection point when replacing fuel filter and attempting to inspect/clean the screen tonight.


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            I don't believe the TBI leaves the factory with the fuel pressure port.

            '96 ProStar 205 SD LT-1


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              On the TBI there is a schrader valve on the side near the bottom of the throttle body assembly.
              Have you got fuel going into the injectors?

              I recently had an ignition issue and eventually boat failed to start but showed similar symptoms of bogging down

              Turned out to be a faulty ICM inside the distributor.


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                Thanks for the ideas Tim. Did not even pull flame arrestor off last night, just limped back to the ramp and put her away. I will view fuel pattern at injectors tonight in the driveway. Ran so smooth between 600-1200 RPM seems to me it is not an ignition issue, just not enough fuel so when open throttle i bog due to too much air. Really hoping there is just junk on fuel pump screen....or my ~3 year old fuel filter is plugged?


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                  You have the pump screens that get blocked, the pickup screen in the tank, fuel filter(and fuel water separator if you have one) and the antisiphon valves.

                  Edit: I think some had the actual pickup tube crack or break off in the tank as well
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                  1996 205 with LT1 cracked block-stitched back together


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                    will it free rev in neutral?
                    that ought to eliminate an ignition issue as thatll be much less dependant on load, but moreso rpm.
                    sure sounds like a fuel issue to me though.
                    normal pressure on the TBI as i recall should be in the 30spi or so range, fairly low for an injection system so dont be scared by those numbers if in fact thats what you end up seeing.

                    random side note - i grew up in bellingham near lake whatcom, moved away a few years ago and cant wait go get back. planning a return visit the last week of august and will be on the lake, and samish a bit, as often as we can while we're up there


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                      need to read the computer codes to see what is causing limp mode,


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                        Seems like i fixed it...?

                        well folks, i pulled the fuel pump and filter last night...what a frustrating job! There was what i would call a slight amount of sediment on the screen on suction side of fuel pump...i blew it out with air compressor both directions. Changed the filter, put it back together, and seemed to REV in neutral OK so took it out this morning and my buddy and i had 2 sets each at 32-34 mph and no apparent hesitation, noise, ect so i guess it got it, but really don't have much other than the new fuel filter to attribute it to. I am pessimistic that it is going to come back.

                        I will take the old filter to the shop monday to cut open and see how dirty it is.

                        Since Original fuel pump is no longer available and i am still worried mine might by dying, i know i should buy the returnless pump and start collecting parts to do the conversion. Can anyone tell me difference or have opinion about the P61171 vs P5001 replacement pumps that are mentioned in all of the fuel pump posts here on TT? I think i will also replace most or all of my fuel lines when i change the pump out, and go with flexible stainless line with swivel fittings as much as possible to make future repairs easier. Getting the hard pipe to line up is a real PITA.



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                          Also FWIW, there was no schraeder valve on my fuel line. I had borrowed a fuel pressure gauge but did not use. I will plumb one in if/when i do the aforementioned pump replacement and re-plumb


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                            I have the same boat, you need to read the codes, may be not a fuel issue, I made that mistake put a new fuel pump on for no reason.