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GDI 6000, who has this motor, any issues?

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  • GDI 6000, who has this motor, any issues?

    I have put 70 hours on the motorthis season. At the 22 hour mark, got a warning message on the Murphy that cylinder 8 had misfired. Dealer ran diagnostics, contacted Ilmor, and ended up changing out the spark plug. Motor has run strong since. Today we received another, but different, error message on the Murphy saying it was a critical error and to return to the dock. The gauge was reading normal operating temperature, but we could smell something from the exhaust. When we got off the lake, I called the dealer. He said there is an engine flash fix that may be needed. Wondering if anyone else is having engine warning issues and what their dealer is saying/doing to resolve it.

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    I don't have the GDI, just the standard 5.7. I had a ghost temp issue only at idle AFTER I had run the boat for a while and returned to my marina and had it on the hoist for a while and went back out. I'd immediately turn it off and after i'd start it again the temp would go to normal. I won't know for sure until next spring, but when they pulled the impeller, 4 of the tines looked "bent in" and never would spring out like they should. I guess MC is advising that the dealers replace the impeller at the 20 hour service. The impeller could have been in the housing for who knows how long based on the way they source the components of the raw water intake.
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