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  • Throttle lever

    I just purchased a 1997 prostar 205 about a month ago. One of the things I didn’t notice on my test drive was that the whole throttle lever assembly pulls away about an inch. Not being any kind of mechanic does anyone know where there is a snap ring or something that I am missing? I can’t seem to find a breakdown of it.
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    there should be an allen set screw at base of the lever
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      The allen screw is just for the lever itself. The play you have needs to be tightened from behind to draw the lever back into the housing. Should be a simple couple of screws (3 tops) right there on the front of the plate and then just drop it down from under the side panel , turn it on it's side and I'm guessing you can tighten something there to close that gap and pull it back into the housing, then just put it back in place. My boats are older than your (92 and 83) but I've dropped my controls down for adjustments and lube many times, including just tonight!


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        I just had this same problem with my '97 PS 190 and tightened the allen screw to hold the throttle lever in place. However, the little disk you are supposed to pull up to get it out of neutral now doesn't engage until the throttle is in reverse. This means there is no solid/locking stop of the throttle lever when going into neutral, but if I go into reverse I have to pull up on the release disk to get it back into neutral. Will it be obvious how to fix this if I pull the whole control like MDB1056 suggested above?