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2014 X25 -- Runs on land, not in water

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  • 2014 X25 -- Runs on land, not in water

    I have a 2014 X25 with 6.2 OPS -- Engine starts and runs great out of the water. When you put it in the water it starts, rough idle then pops through the intake. We put a new fuel pump in -- fired right up and ran great for 5 min then died. Ilmor said cats/manifold must be clogged and boat can't handle the back pressure -- Installed new manifolds and it does the exact same thing. They then found a dirty injector -- we replaced all the injectors and it does the same thing. No codes. Any thoughts?

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    Was it these engines that had the problems with the distributor and you had to move it one tooth and then retime it?
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