Hi, all. Picked up a 2013 X-35, ran good on test drive. Got it home, no start. Fuel pumps are dead. Dealer sent me a whole new module, installed, good fuel pressure, runs fine to 4000 in the driveway. No loss of fuel pressure no-load.static pressure is steady so no apparent leaks in the FI system. In the water it was weak out of the hole, then threw me a fault and just felt weak and sounded kinda lumpy and just not right, like it was running lean. Purged the rails again and seems better on land. Going out later to do a fuel pressure test loaded. The actual question is , do both fuel pumps run all the time, or is one of them a true “back-up” that is only activated when needed? When I was installing it the connector on the tank side of the mounting plate seemed a little loose, I wonder if only one of them is running, which would provide enough pressure at low load but couldnt keep up at a large throttle demand. Anybody have power supply problems inside the module itself? I just hope it isn’t something ECM, ignition, cats. Also, I did read every fuel pump post on the board 😀 and couldnt find this topic addressed. I’m glad I kept my Supra as a vacation back-up. I can fix that one with my eyes closed. Any help is appreciated, thanks.