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2005 X10 Limp Mode - Help!

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  • 2005 X10 Limp Mode - Help!


    I have a 2005 Mastercraft X10 with the MCX 5.7L engine, 850 Hours.

    Recently the boat has been going into "limp" or "Guardian" mode. It will only go in and out of gear (600 RMP Max) until I shut the boat off and restart it. When it goes into this mode, the dash also flash Eng Check. Where I live I don't have great access to a shop to pull the code.

    This has only happened to me 3 times while I have had people surfing behind the boat (3500-4K RPM). The only thing that I can think of that happens every time it does this is that I crank the stereo. I have been surfing with either the music off or very low and have yet to have to happen to me. Its been hard to troubleshoot.

    I have a new impeller in the boat, and there is no debris in the transmission cooler. 2 Brand new batteries. Both at 100% charge and reading 14.2V while the boat is running. The boat stays pretty consistent at 160F. The oil pressure since I have bought the boat 2 years ago has always seemed off. When idling or under 1000 RPM it sits around 60PSI. When I am towing or cruising on plane the needle is maxed at 80PSI. Is this normal?

    Any advice or things to check would be greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance.

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    Read this thread, I would guess this is your problem. The piece you will need has a link to it in post #11. The thread tells how to change the piece out. If you have someone around that can read the codes that it is throwing that will tell you for sure if this is the problem. Let us know what you find.
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      Thanks mcmx2, after reading the thread it does sound like the issues I am having. I am trying to find someone local who can pull the codes for me. I will keep you posted on my findings. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.


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        Try Changing the fuel filter. Mine was doing the same thing. Ran great first part of the day, then would go into limp mode. Changed the fuel filter, and haven't had the problem since.


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          Sounds silly but when it limps, Try putting taking one of the wires the temp sensor for the transmission, or if you have a multi-meter, check continuity. If you have any continuity, the engine will go into limp mode as its thinking the trans is overheating. No code will show up but will say check eng...


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            I changed the fuel filter this year. If it goes into limp mode again I will test the trans temp sensor for continuity. I was able to get it booked in at a shop for Monday morning to pull the codes. Will keep you posted. Thanks for the advice!


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              I got it into the shop this morning. The codes he pulled were related to the TPS (Sorry forgot the grab the code #s). Using the software he was able to see the sensor drop off as he played with the throttle. Thanks for all your help!


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                Thanks for posting your solution. So many of these threads just end after someone finds a resolution and it does no good for the next person if the solution is not posted. Enjoy your summer.
                2005 197 TT #77 LQ9