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New "clicking" sound -- '97 350 TBI

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  • New "clicking" sound -- '97 350 TBI

    This season my engine started producing a new sound. It seems to be coming from the rear of the engine and sounds like when I was a kid and attached a playing card to my bicycle so the spokes of the wheel would hit the card and make a clicking sound when the wheel was spinning. I took some video. Anyone know what this sound is coming from?

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    The first thing I would check is the distributor cap and rotor. Sounds to me like the rotor might be hitting the cap and causing the clicking sound.
    Pull it apart and see if there is any wear on the cap where the rotor is hitting it maybe the rotor worked itself loose.


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      Use a long screw driver like a sthethascope to isolate location. Could be a noisy injector... hopefully not a rocker arm... but it does not aound like a hard metal to metal sound... check exhaust manifold for leaks..

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