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  • 2006 XStar MCX

    I have a 2006 XStar that has been giving me fits for 9 months now. At first it wouldn’t even turn over, brought it to the shop and that replaced the distributor cap and the grounding block. Got it to the river and it cranked up and as soon as it was put in gear it shut off. So back to the shop it went for a new cam shaft position sensor. Got it back and now everytime it’s put in gear it throws the check engine code, and goes into limp mode. When we had the codes read it said crank position sensor. So we changed that and it didn’t change anything. Still got the check engine still got limp mode, code reader still read “crank position sensor”. I sent the ECM off to be tested and it came back with no issues. Any suggestions?

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    did mechanic clear the code? Sometimes it'll take a few cold start to clear it on its own


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      I’m not sure if the mechanic did but i know it was reset when the ECM was sent off and tested. When i replaced the crank position sensor i replaced it with a part from Autozone because it was $20 as opposed to $230 from Mastercraft So I’m wondering if it’s compatible or if i need to suck it up and spend the $230 to get the actual Mastercraft sensor