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Exhaust Hose Replacement

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  • Exhaust Hose Replacement

    Yesterday on my 1995 Maristar w/ LT1, I was replacing my mufflers with a straight pipe (I have installed a fresh air exhaust, and FAE creator suggests quieter performance with a straight pipe) and I noticed my wet exhaust hose was deteriorating and actually had a hole in one of the corrugations.

    1. I found this hose at skidim and wanted to make sure this was a proper replacement that would be able to make the angle of turn, off of the risers turning towards the back of the boat.

    2. Also, since I was planning on installing a straight pipe instead of having mufflers, is there any reason I couldn’t or shouldn’t run the new hose all the way to the exhaust flange exiting the boat. This way there are fewer joints with potential for leaks or failure.

    Thanks in advance!
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