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2004 MCX parts list and order information

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  • 2004 MCX parts list and order information

    This list is a combined list between myself and u/n Soder. He had quite an issue with his MCX and many people were following the diagnosis and replies. I PM'd him my list and he sent me his back. This is the result of the two lists put together. I am posting it here as others have requested we do so. It is by no means a complete list of all the parts, but it has most of the parts that are common culprits in the threads of people posting symptoms of their MCX's. The items in green are specific to your boat and the items in read are missing part numbers. Feel free to DL it and expand for your use.

    Some of the items are listed twice in the two sections because my list and Soder's list had some of the same parts. If you have a different year, be sure to double check these parts are in your engine. Below is a link to the spreadsheet:
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    This is great! Thanks!