I have a 2001 x10 that I winterized yesterday (the garden hose connection to pull antifreeze through made winterizing awesome FYI. Pulled the thermostat and ran about 3 gallon of antifreeze through the engine) anyhow...the thermostat isn’t bad but since it’s out and looks nasty I want to replace it. I need the thermostat and both gaskets and I’m having troubles finding a kit that contains all 3. Any suggestions or would I be ahead to call a MasterCraft dealer and have them send it to me? Also as I discovered A LOT about my boat I realized each ballast has two pumps. I thought it was one. I’ve been having troubles with the fill on the rear starboard side ballast. Well I replaced the small pump and still had trouble to find out yesterday there is a second pump which I believe is the problem. It is a flojet “quiet quad” 5.0 amp 3.3 gpm pump. I was looking for that same pump but again have been having troubles. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance