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Fuel Pump on 2016 MC X23 with Ilmor 7.4

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  • Fuel Pump on 2016 MC X23 with Ilmor 7.4

    Had the dreaded fuel pump go out on my 2016 MC x23 with the Ilmor 7.4. (75 HRS) It has dual fuel pumps, which I am assuming is the updated Millenium module. Don't want to buy the whole thing. One pump comes on the other wont. Does anyone have the part # for just the pump? Why 2 Pumps and are they the same? What pressure are the pumps? It is under warranty, but don't want to drive 8 Hrs one way to have them tell me its the pump. The 7.4 loves to drink gas. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    2016 MC X23

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    POLRACER I think you and I are looking for the same info. I posted this on Fuel pumps 101 thread "Hello, does anyone know which pumps can be used to replace the pumps in Millennium fuel pump module. Mine are Bosch P/N 0 580 453 604 a.k.a. 61910. Also does any the flow rate requirements for a 2008 MCX 5.7L?"

    It seems Bosch has a bunch of pumps that would work (dimensionally) but the specs are hard to find. I need 58-62 psi. By researching the fuel pump thread you may also need:

    Oetiker styles clamps available fromMSCDirect p/n 48548887 Post #609
    And a special clamp tool like: Ideal Trident Crimp Clamp 61001V Post #615
    Flex hose available from
    TT Regular
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      I recently replaced the fuel pumps in the Millennium Pump module. After much research I determined that the Bosch 69238 pump is a substitute. I installed two Bosch 69238 using 8mm fuel hoses from Summit ABT-CFD402 5/16X8.0 hoses. HLY-12-734 would have been better but they were out of stock. The hose going from the T-fitting to the regulator is 6mm. After a lot of searching I could not find a replacement so I used the short piece of hose the comes with the fuel pump. This is special high pressure submersible hose so don't used regular fuel hose. I bought an assortment of Oetiker clamps and installed the smallest clamps that would fit. Using the 5/16 hose on the regulator to T I used the smallest Oetiker clamp that would fit and made it as tight as I could. Don't waste your time with the worm screw clamps. With everything installed the engine started right up with 56 psi at the fuel rail. I haven't tested it under load yet but will this weekend. Considering each of the two pump could supply the volume and pressure required I am confident they will work.


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        Thanks for the info.
        2016 MC X23