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  • Prop ID 84 S&S

    Looking for some help on identifying the OJ prop on my S&S. Unit has the 1:1 velvet. 4 blade. Stamped on the nut side is 13 13 OJ Cup. I have included some pics of the othe numbers in between the blades. “LP19119B” “855??” “7760?”. I think it is a 13x13, Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Thanks but I got it
    OJ 1216


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      As an FYI; your 84 19Skier really likes the Acme LH 541 13x12 CNC prop.

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        *taking notes
        I will looK into that as well- thanks for the advice!


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          The 541 is a good prop - basically has the same surface area as a 4 blade like yours but a slightly shallower blade angle with a bit of additional cup on the lip - lets it slip to get you out of the hole then the cup is fairly pronounced .08 - which gives you good top end.

          The 543 is that but even shallower on the blade angle for better low end - if you don't foot or run top speed this gives you a bit more bottom end which if you tend to do things like pull 2-3 guys out on slalom skis gives you that low end power. Same if you do do board sports.