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  • Squeal at Startup

    Greetings - a few quick (and hopefully simple) questions on my 1995 prostar 205, 5.7 Indmar.

    For winter maintenance, I changed the water pump impeller and through some unfortunate events (read did something stupid) had to also replace the alternator.

    I've only had it started on a bucket once and in the lake once for a quick run; but both times I get a squeal upon startup that lasts for a few seconds and doesn't come back.

    I'm totally new to inboards, so here is the dumb question.....could this possibly be the new impeller? My other thought is I got the belt tension on the alternator wrong. Plan to get out this weekend and run around some more test a few things and try to make sure we are ready to ski this summer.

    Appreciate any suggestions on what to look for to make sure the squeal isn't telling me something needs to be fixed.

    Other tests planned - voltage gauge on the dash reads low (8 - 10 V)....plan to test battery before start (looking for around 12V) and while running (looking for 13 -14 V). Any way to test the gauge if reading at the battery is correct?

    Temperature gauge stays at 0. Plan to pull wire from sensor and put to ground. Am I correct that if this process has the gauge peg out maximum the gauge is good and the sensor bad? Also, I seem to have two in the thermostat triangle and one slightly starboard and aft of that. I believe one is for a dummy light and one for the gauge - anyone know which is which?

    Thanks in advance for any help offered!

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    For me this has always been a belt issue on these boats. I don't have the part number handy but on both my 88 and 94 the factory belt number is just ever so slightly too long to get a good tension on the belt, alternator all the way at the end of the slot is just tolerably tight but would slip belts eventually. I had my local auto parts get me a few belts smaller than the factory and figured out which one fit well and moved the alternator inwards in the groove a bit. Bought a few which should last me a long time.

    Gauge you'd test by putting the VM across the terminals on the back of the temp gauge and checking what it read.

    I believe the light has a slip on connector and the gauge has a ring terminal - forget which one is which off hand. But yes if the gauge pegs when you ground the sender but does nothing when you don't the sender is probably bad or the connection was bad. On the 88 we had a bad crimp so watch for that too.


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      Low voltage and squealing would indicate that the belt is loose on the alternator...
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        My belt will squeal on hard acceleration if it's not really tight. You could try some belt dressing too.
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          Originally posted by wheelerd View Post
          My belt will squeal on hard acceleration if it's not really tight. You could try some belt dressing too.
          I would not use belt dressing as this degrades the belt even faster. Change the belt its cheap and easy
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