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Check Engine with Rhymic Rrr Rrr

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  • Check Engine with Rhymic Rrr Rrr

    Squeezing one more run in before dark and engine light comes on and alternates off and on loud beeping. Engine making a cyclic sound of normal then Rrr Rrr rhythmic sound, like it lacked power. We turned it off, emptied the bag ballast and started paddling to shore. Probably 30 minutes started again same issue. Never took above 2 mph for about a 15 - 20 second test. Opted to paddle the rest of the way home.

    Half tank of fuel verified at tank. Oil levels checked good. Oil pressure was good on the night. Don’t recall coolant temperature being high. RPMs were good. Buddy surfing said he thought he heard the engine cut out or backfire (we didn’t in the boat). Visual inspection revealed nothing unusual, belts look in place air filter and under filter good, no fluids, hoses all attached, no real apparent water present.

    Is there a sticky or thread I’m missing that I should start with? Does this sound like an impeller issue? Spark Plug?
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    Fake a lake tested the boat and the check engine alarm while running there disappeared. Water test on lake went great, also no alarm. 10 hours since then. I’m thinking we just had too much weight in the stern for too long and it overwhelmed the engine.

    It would probably be best to get a code reader. I’ve read about the paper clip LED but have had a hard time sourcing the actual LED with google and amazon searches. Anyone have luck sourcing this stuff?

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      without recalling the temp not sure much help sounds like it could be a temp issue...


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        Thanks Curver. I have the MDC as well so my gauges may not be accurate. Other outings reveal no coolant issues if the gauge is to be believed. Oil pressure varies between 40 and 80

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