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  • starts then dies

    I have a 2019 Nxt 20 with 78 hours on it. I started it and pulled off trailer to the dock and the engine died and will crank but not more than 1-2 seconds and die each time. Anyone else out there have this problem, it has been at the dealer for 3 weeks and neither them nor Ilmor have found the solution. They replaced the ecu and epdm, it has new plugs, fuel was fresh, they isolated the motor from the computer and it still won't crank. Anyone have anything similar happen to theirs?
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    Sorry to hear this!

    My 2019 was dying and then everyone on here told me to press the start button for just a brief moment and the problem went away? [emoji2369]

    If it’s not that then my next suspicion would be fuel/water. Any ethanol blend can separate and then it’s possible to get a layer of water in the fuel system.

    If not that then I’d check your batteries are both on and fully charged.

    If it’s not any of those I’m out of ideas?

    Good luck!

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      The push button was the first thing dealer was curious about, it seems to be working correct.
      They also isolated the motor from the computer, spark, fuel and air are all good. Just trying to reach out to see if any problems like it have been experienced.