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Motor rebuild/updating boat.

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    Originally posted by 1redTA View Post
    does your block have holes in the lifter valley for the roller spider? vortec and TBI were not a factory option from GM but some of the TBI blocks had the bosses. Truck cams have so little lift and duration you aren’t going to have any problems running it. The vortec heads are way worth the money to run on a TBI engine BUT the TBI vortec specific intake is $$$!

    So on the truck motor I bought, it has the same block numbers, and is a TBI motor.
    it does have tapped holes and everything setup to run roller cam and lifters etc, it just has a flat tappet in it right now.

    My boats original motor has the vortec heads, mastercraft/vortec intake, roller cam.
    My plan has now changed so I will actually be swapping the roller cam, lifters, spider, from the boats engine and either having my heads reworked or buying a new set.
    I had already planned on swapping my intake over but now I’m also swapping the camshafts and heads.


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      that sounds like a better plan than a tbi
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        I feel as though an update is needed since it’s been a few weeks.
        There was a HUGE problem with the motor I purchased…. It had a severely scored cylinder from a wrist pin. I confronted the guy I bought it from and they gave me another low mileage vortec roller block.
        I immediately broke it down and sent the block to a machine shop to have them check everything, clean it, install new bearings and possibly bore it out if need be. (I got kinda fu$&ed on the motor deal but they did what they could to make it right and I’m moving forward (they still claim that they were completely unaware of the cylinder) anyway.
        Interior has been started on and should be done this week or next, and motor should be done around the same time.

        I have since installed all of my new gauges including perfect pass, sprayed Bed liner in all of my storage compartments, sidewalls, and on my center floor plates. Just received my flooring in the mail, and am working on plumbing in my ballast system and wiring in my blue seas switch and ACR.
        Still have a little ways to go but I am starting to see the light.
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          New gauges look nice.

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            Originally posted by waterlogged882 View Post
            New gauges look nice.

            Thank you, hoping that I have it all wired up correctly. There are about 7 wires that I have capped off. I believe they are not to be used anymore.


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              I figure that I would update this thread, my project took a halt for awhile due to my job and things of that nature. I still plan to have it completed come boating season here in OK which is a couple months away. My heads are currently getting a full workover and should be back to me in a week or so. The heads are all I am waiting for to get my engine completely back together, have already installed the cam, pistons, crankshaft, freeze plugs, and bearings. Once heads are done I can finish off the top side of motor and add all the marine components/ wiring. I have plumbed an entirely new ballast system and switches. added wakula mat to all of my storage compartments, and got my interior back from the upholstery shop (waiting to install after motor is back in the boat to eliminate any chance of ruining any pieces while I get everything back together. Plan on making my flooring template this weekend and get the mat cut. Will update with some pictures in just a moment and continue to update thread as I hit the tail end of this project.