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Help with zfhurth 630v transmission.

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  • Help with zfhurth 630v transmission.

    This may be a really dumb question but I’m ignorant to how these transmissions work.

    I have removed the trans from the boat, and emptied the fluid. it’s sitting on my work bench now.
    I am going to be replacing the seals while it’s out.
    **I’ve never had issues with the transmission other than the apparently common noise at low Rpms**

    While it’s out I have been playing with it and can still hear the noise that it made while in the boat but my old damper plate was worn out so hopefully the noise is reduced with the new damper and oil in the transmission.

    Now for my dumb question, does there have to be oil pressure present in order for the transmission to go into gear? I can put the trans in forward or reverse using the lever and I can spin the main shaft but my drive shaft coupling stays still, and I can spin the coupling freely in either direction while still spinning the main shaft even with the transmission in gear basically as if it is in neutral.
    My best guess was that it needs transmission fluid for one and pressure from the lines in order to be in gear. I just want to be sure everything is okay before I slap it back in the boat after I finish my motor swap.
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    Your best guess is correct. You need fluid and pressure to engage the trans.


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      Service Advisory for your transmission

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      (safe click)


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        Thank you both