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2018 XT21 raw water impeller take 3 hrs labor? 5000 MPI

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  • 2018 XT21 raw water impeller take 3 hrs labor? 5000 MPI

    2018 XT21 raw water impeller take 3 hrs labor on 5000 MPI? The place that winterizes my boats for many years said this impeller is a pill to replace and the $44 part takes 3 hours to replace?

    Thanks in advance
    2018 Mastercraft XT21

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    Can't comment on an XT21, but in a ProStar it's quite easy on the 5000 MPI. It is low down on the front of the engine, so that's not going to be the easiest place to get too on a v-drive.

    The raw water pump on the 6.2L in my X-25 is in a similar place and that takes me about 20 minutes to change.
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      No it takes about 10 minutes. Maybe an hour tops labor for impeller. I would agree with 3 for winterize even though I can do it in 1.


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        Some guys just dont want to do the work as they are a bit of a pain to access in the V-Drive. Saying that, we have done them on our buddies in 30 minutes or less.


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          I have searched high and low for a video of process. Point me in the right direction if you know of one please or a tutorial.

          Thanks in advance
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            See if this gives you a hint.

            As a general overview (I am old school engines);

            The raw water pump on most engines is typically mounted down low and up front of the engine. It runs off of the crank shaft (thus the location). The pump is maybe the size of a softball. There is a cover on it with three screws. Remove the cover. Remove the impeller. It is on the splined shaft. There is one of the challenges...ample room to get the impeller out without some type of designed or specialty tool. My specialty tool(s) is two paint can openers but I also have plenty of room on my direct drive to access the housing. The engine on your v-drive sits in backwards and is also contained in a shroud of sort (the deck and covers). Getting to it, getting it out, and reinstalling is the time consumption. I'd say 2-3 hours is a maybe somewhat reasonable estimate (estimated book time) but an experienced person can do it in 30-60 minutes. What to me is the pits, is the hourly rate these people charge. Not my call there. I do all of my own service work from year to year, decade to decade.

            If you get your impeller out and ready to install a new one, use a zip tie to squeeze the vanes to a smaller circumference, put a little liquid soap on the inside of the housing , slide it about half way on, then cut the zip tie and complete the installation. Don't forget a new gasket or o-ring for the cover.

            The direct drive setup takes all of 15-20 minutes to service the impeller. Your v-drive is another story as I vaguely described.

            Love my direct drive machine.

            Best on the decision and the DIY if you choose. It is not impossible or complicated, just tedious and cramped for room and contortions.
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              Thank you waterlogged882
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