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  • '89 TriStar Trailer

    I live in SE Michigan and am looking for a used trailer for my '89 TriStar. I have contacted all the local inboard dealers and so far no luck.

    One dealer called me this morning and said that he couldn't find a trailer to "fit the TriStar hull" and that the wrong trailer configuration would "damage the hull over the winter."

    Anybody know or not if this guy is on the level? The dealer who sold me the boat delivered it on the trailer on which had sat for the previous winter, and I have inspected the hull. It doesn't appear to have suffered any damage.

    Also, I've said to all dealers that I'd like to spend less than $1,000. This guy said, "Anything I could sell you is in the $2000-2500 range." Which leads me to believe sell me anything that cost that much, right for my boat or not.

    If anyone has any insight on this, I'd appreciate yr help.

    Thanx, pw

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    I had an 88 Tristar 190 that I bought from Watersports Marine in Fenton. The boat never had a trailer, so they put an Eagle Trailer under it that was made for inboards. At the time, they were an Eagle trailer dealer. They were bought by Action Water last year, so I don't know if they still carry them as I have moved to INDY. You could also try contacting Eagle Trailer as they were based in MI.

    Good Luck!

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      I've got an Eagle Trailer with my TriStar. Apparently, it came that way right from the dealer, not sure why though.
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        The wong trailer set up can damage the boat. If the price is right, get it, take it to a welding shop to make it fit.
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          Eagle makes a fine trailer (I had two of them, one for a Cobalt the other for a 89 TriStar). They are still in MI. Action is not listed as a dealer anymore but the BU dealer, Skier's Pier is. I'd call Eagle first and see if they still have the CAD drawings for the old trailer. They should be able to make you anything you want I know they used to do a bunch of custom stuff for the offshore boys. Won't be a $1000 though. Here's their dealer list....
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            I have an Oklahoma Trailer under my 88 and it seems to work fine. No Problems.


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              I have a Oklahoma trailer on my 1990 Maristar as well. It works fine but needs to be replaced as well. If you find a place that has old trailers that fit MC's please share.