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  • A couple of pictures of my new prodject .
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    • We have decided to sell our most Loved MasterCraft Maristar

      It is currently For SAle here on our Forums ONLY.

      After some time, It will hit the open Market and Boat Trader. I wanted a Forum member to have first Dibs...

      1999 MasterCraft Maristar, V210, 330 Hp LTR
      Mods: Upgraded Stereo, Amp, 6 Disk Changer, Zero-Flex Tower, Custom Fit Bimini Top, and of course...Teak Oil!


      • Originally posted by MariStar-Man View Post
        looks like this...

        i still need to make a cable for it, instead of the wire tie

        Yep, I'll be removing the Nickle and tape soon...

        Also, I checked the master cylinder and topped it off with some dot 4. it was about a pint low! DOH!
        My trailer brakes get stuck sometimes when backing up. I think it has something to do with this part of the trailer you pictures with the key and nickel. Is the master cylinder that you refer to part of the trailer that needs dot 4 fluids added? Backing up your trailer with the brakes on is the most embarrassing thing at the dock 🙈


        • Originally posted by TMCNo1 View Post
          If you have a 1 1/8" shaft, you have something other than a 1:1 ratio transmission.
          No, I don't have a dripless seal, just the one that came with it, I keep it tightened using a port I installed over the shaft log in the floor and the 1 7/8' wrench. All I've ever done as far as packing rope, is I added one piece several years ago to the existing, rather than replacing it all.
          The port in the floor allows me to adjust the stuffing box w/o removing my back seat, back gas tank panel, motor box and floor panel for a 3 minute job.
          Would love to see this port photo again. having suffered much trying to change my packing last time