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What Work did you do on your Mastercraft Today?

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  • Assembled my 4160 last night. Hope to get it on the boat and running this evening.


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    • Learned How To Take The Water Pump And Hoses Off To Get TOrn Up Little Pieces Of Impeller Out Of Like A Charm Now! Inboards Are So Easy To Work On!


      • Last night I replaced the JL Audio CL-RLC for the tower speakers. I don't know why, but it crapped out on me over the offseason. I am a bit sore for the contortion of trying to get the panel in and out to get to the module, but over all it went OK. I also changed the oil. This weekend she will get a full detail and then it is on for the summer.

        In other news, the boat actually fits in the garage I built for it! MasterCraft's website that states the boat on the trailer is 21'-6" is more like 21'-11"

        Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

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        • Installed new leaf springs on my 1990 Prostar trailer. The right side spring had not broken but it was sagging about 2 inches lower than the left side. While technically not a hard job those shackle bolts didn't seem to agree with me. l guess after them being on there 22 years l can't complain too much. Went ahead and replaced both sides and now everything sits two inches higher. Everyone do yourself a favor and soak those bolts with some type of penetrating spray a few days before you jump into changing your springs.


          • Holy Crap!!!

            Originally posted by Sodar View Post
            Sunday I took all the tires off the trailer and cleaned out the fender wells, calipers and waxed the trailer frame. Before putting the wheels back on I cleaned the backside of the wheels and got all the brake dust and grime off. A coat of wax on the whole wheel and it was done. The trailer really looks like the day I first saw it in Chicago even after at least 12,000 miles.

            Yesterday I polished the boat with Finesse-It and my Porter Cable 7424. WHOA WHOA WHOA! I thought the boat was nice and shiney before, but this stuff brought out the luster I had never seen before. I was looking through my photo gallery of the boat this morning and I really believe the boat shines better than when it was 2 weeks old.

            Today I am going to put a few coats of wax on her and call it good. Should bring even more shine out with a few coats of wax, too.

            Tomorrow I am going to clean the interior and load it up for the weekend...
            Well, THAT is impressive! Way to make everyone else feel like we neglect our boats!


            • "Maybe it's my ADD baby?" -AWOLNATION

              I looked high and low for a replacement port side windshield that was shot out by with a rock thrown from a brushcutter with no luck to date, but 2 leads that I hope can pan out.

              Thought about that fuel sender that I need to repair.

              Thought about the hour meter in the tach that stopped working which led me to locating a couple of plastics mfgs that can make dashes - that will come in handy in a few years, hopefully. I know the dash/guage cluster will need replacing within 5 yrs. I am planning on carpet, vinyl, and dash over the course of those 5 years to avoid having seat coushin rips or deterioration in one specific area, but I may not be able to justify replacement to the boss without some age since it all looks OK right now.
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              • "Maybe it's my ADD baby?" -AWOLNATION
                Love that song
                Being on the water is best, but when I'm not on the water I'm on TT.

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                • Changed oil and filter.

                  New trailer tires x 2.

                  No pics, nothing terribly new or exciting to shoot.

                  Pretty much at the end of the punch list for this off season. Have some ideas for next. Hoping for no unpleasant surprises this summer of riding.
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                  • Heading out to install my rebuilt alternator then clean it up in preparation of next weekend.

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                    • Skied the hell out of it!
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                      • Yesterday, after skiing, I prepped the boat to ship to TN for a new interior. Also pulled the carb to rebuild while it's away.


                        • Walked around mine looking at it sitting on the driveway, waiting for the rain to go away....


                          • Cut the old floor out of my 79 stars and stripes. Pressure washed 30+ years of grim out of it. Took the drive shaft off. Removed the rudder cable and lubed it. Fixed the blower wiring, fixed the lights.

                            Tomorrow the gas tank comes out and the swim platform off. As well the mufflers are coming out for inspection and resealing of the transom.... there is a leak there somewhere.. i know it. Rudder will get new packing as well.

                            I hope to have it back in the water for the end of July..... If I'm still married by then.
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                            • Rebuilt the observer seat with a new base and new foam. Used a firm open cell foam with a layer of 3/4" Ensolite foam over it. Reused the skin. Nice, comfortable feel. Feels firm when you first sit down, but then does a good job of providing support. Re-foamed the rear seat cushion, but just used a firm foam. Cleaned up the contacts on the nav lights, so those work. Going to re-foam the driver seat- hoping to get another inch of height. Only thing left to do is replace the head unit, which hasn't worked since I bought the boat. Well, that, and replace the transponder on the depth finder.


                              • Installed new bunk boards this weekend, in between wearing out 3 little wakeboarders. Narrowly avoided a disaster when I discovered, after loading last weekend and hauling 1 hour back from the lake, that 1 board had come loose and was barely supporting the boat. Could have been major hull damage if that board had slid over another inch. Check your bunk board nuts every now then!!

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