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  • Binimi and Cover suggestions

    So unless all goes to crap this weekend, it looks like I will be the proud new owner of a 99 Maristar 230. Pretty excited to say the least! Anyway, the boat is going to need a new cover and a bimini. I would like suggestions on where to get such things (online or have a local shop make them).

    1. I need the bimini to be as large as possible as I am a light skinned fellow.
    2. I eventually want to attach a ND tower to the boat so I want a bimini that will fit under the tower, but also want to be able to use it without the tower until I get the funds to purchase one. I'm not sure if this is possible or not as I'm not sure if it will be interchangeable.

    3. I want a cover that will cover as much of the boat as possible because there will probably be a few days when the boat is left outside.

    Thanks and hope to officially be a MC member on Sunday!
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    For a cover, I've heard good things about these guys - They have a cover called "waterline fit" which covers the sides of the boat. I also heard to stick with sunbrella fabric.
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      A good upholstery shop should be able to make a bimini any way you want it. I had one made for my old boat at the height and extra length "I" wanted and it was great. The cost was cheaper than a factory binini.

      Sunbrella is great material also.
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        Finding a bimini that is large and still fits inside a tower will be a challenge. Most tower bimini's cover only the driver and the passenger. I had a bimini made to slide in under the tower that covers the entire cockpit. However when it is down it has to lay on the back sundeck just behind the pylon. It was the best thing I did for mine as our summers will cook you quick without some shade.

        Sunbrella for sure on the cover, also an X30 style cover will fit. I found one on ebay for 140 bucks. However it wasn't Sunbrella but I keep mine covered in a carport.
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          check if you can Combine Tower an Z5 Bimini … you can get the Z5 in the after Sales ... also great additional storage for Boards


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            These guys are the best when it comes to Bimini tops!

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              While we do not have a tower we are very pleased with our Johnson Bimini. Johnson has a full selection of standard bimini's and will also custom produce to any size and shape.