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rudder position setup

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    Originally posted by chopp View Post
    its actually still going through mastercraft australia. i find it very hard to get a reply from them , sometimes 2-3 weeks just for an email reply.
    Did you ever get your steering issues resolved? I did a fair amount of research over the winter and yesterday I decided to tackle my steering issues. It was actually pretty easy to fix. There is 2 steps you have to adjust the rudder then you have to adjust the steering wheel. I took a video and I am going to post it on YouTube in the next few days. I will post a link to it on this thread for you or anyone else that has had a similar problem.


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      Originally posted by Snipe View Post
      I followed this thread, and for what it's worth, I would opt for the "local non-MasterCraft dealer" who has a great reputation and respects other peoples property. That's how you get repeat customers.
      The shop that respects property always gets my vote. I would pay more to know that I will be getting it back repaired correctly.


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        Did you ever get that video posted? My rudder turns more to the left than the right as well.