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Replacing or repairing Swim step brackets

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  • Replacing or repairing Swim step brackets

    1990 Mastercraft prostar 190 w/teak swim step.

    Hello All - Somebody hit and run my baby!!!!! It was parked at a store (on trailer), I was in for about a half hour and when I came back, the swim step was all bent and F#####ed up. I looked underneath to find the support bracket on the driver side (starboard side) broken between the two bolts. It doesn't look like there was any actual hull damage, the bolts are in tact and don't look ripped out.

    Any recommendations on replacement parts? does mastercraft sell those directly? any other vendors for specific swim step parts? Should I find a metal shop to duplicate them? Are there any tips to removing and replacing those large bolts?

    Never delt with this particular repair before, your advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance - Scott

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    If you cannot find the original style bracket, contact Alloy Marine They offer a removable bracket for your boat that works very well. I have a set on my '89. I needed to remove the platform to fit in the garage, and now always tow with the platform removed and stored in the boat. I had to cut a notch in the platform to clear the lift rings - other than that, it's a pretty straigt forward install. I also installed transom tie downs on my trailer, and they are easy to use with the platform removed during transport.

    Edit: Pretty positive that MC doesn't sell the brackets - you might post an WTB in the classifieds here on TT. You'll need the brackets for '87-'90 model year.


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      Thanks Jack, Ill look into that for sure if I can't find any originals. Cheers-Scott