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Fuel filter above fuel tank

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  • Fuel filter above fuel tank

    I am in the process of getting the tank out to access and hopefully repair the fuel sending unit and discovered a fuel filter of which I was previously unaware. I purchased the boat last fall. It is a '97 PS 190.

    There is a grey tube leading from the fuel filter straight down in front of the tank, so it looks like I will need to disconnect this tube from the filter to be able to slide the tank out.

    Is there pressure in this line? Will there be a lot of gas spillage that I need to consider?
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    If your fuel pump is on the back of the engine like mine, there will not be pressure in that hose since it is suction. It will be full of gas, so you need to have a plan to soak up the gas that will come out of it.
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      Yes, my fuel pump is just behind the engine. I assumed this line would not have pressure but wanted to double check. Thanks for answering both questions.


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        The PO added that I bet - I added a filter right before the pump. Added 2 more clamps this year... that filter turns dark brown in one season...
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