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Transom exhaust port leak, 2009 197

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  • Transom exhaust port leak, 2009 197

    I have a 2009 197 that takes on large amounts of water randomly, mostly when sitting still.
    Both exhaust flaps are intact and seem to be functional. There is no hull damage so I am guessing the only sources of leak is at the shaft seal, rudder box, or exhaust.

    The rudder has some play in it but not really noticeable driving.

    I have not inspected the shaft seal.

    But I am noticing a thin rubber piece hanging out of the starboard exhaust port. It is still connected to whatever gasket it is part of. It seems to be a seal between the external exhaust port and the internal pipe. Does this seal seem like likely place for leaks?

    Also wondering about the external ports? I thought there was supposed to be a baffle in the ports because they removed the Silent Master mufflers? Mine are smooth on the inside, no baffle as far as I can reach my hand.

    Any thoughts?


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    Best to remove the doghouse, & floor above the drive shaft, put the boat in the lake and run the engine. Look at the end seems on the mufflers, they like to blow out air bubbles and water. Both in gear and out of gear, for the shaft seal, rudder box and exhaust, clamp find will it. Notice I removed the fiberglass mufflers & replaced with a marine stainless steel exhaust, also I have a rear ballast system, replaced the PVC valve with a brass one, yes some parts still PVC, but it was my PVC valve that was cracked and letting water N...just like you when the boat was sitting...Dono if your boat has the REAR ballast valve. Maybe more than one item leaking, both my exhaust and ballast valve had cracks. Replaced OJ dripless system with a PSS dripless system, better system....not a drop of water in the bilge, except from people in and out of the water.
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      EPNault found it for me while I was off skiing in Illinois (at The Liquid Edge in Farmer City).

      Even took a video of the water coming around the muffler seal.

      Rumor has it that JBWweld will do the trick. Just need to get back up there with some good weather.


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        Good Deal...