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1991 outboard with new engine need higher ski pylon for clearance

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  • 1991 outboard with new engine need higher ski pylon for clearance

    I just bought my first boat, a mastercraft prostar 200 1991 and had to put a new engine on it... mercury optimax of course the new outboards are big... and now I need about 6-8 more inches of height on my ski pylon.

    Any suggestions?

    Considering extending - will boat handle the torque with 6-8 more inches?

    Considering pole with support struts that can be "flipped out of the way" not sure I want to mess up the floor.

    Finally considering "fly high" not sure I want a 6-7 foot pole with stripes to front messing up the classic look of this ski boat...

    Some things to keep in mind. Boat cover need same height pylon to fit properly.

    Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know of the extra length will be an issue for the mounting unit.

    Thanks in advance!

    Cheers Ed

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    Post pictures. I don’t understand how the rope guard wouldn’t facilitate the rope clearing the engine, even if the new engine is slightly higher.

    Sky High pylon will work, and still be removable. Or...

    Machine a new pylon. It is rather easy to swap out pylons.


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      Hi thanks for the reply. Forgot to mention the engine guard also had to come off...

      I need to add about a 4 inch extension on to that of I put it back on!