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2007 X2 Fuel Sender "Adjustment"?

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  • 2007 X2 Fuel Sender "Adjustment"?

    Anyone have to adjust their fuel sender? Mine read full until there is 1/2 to 1/4 of a tank then plummets. Joel from Centroid mentioned what is below. Anyone done this before? Is it as straight forward as it sounds?


    Use an Xacto knife or something similar to scrape the brown sealant off the adjustment labeled Full, exposing the cross-point adjustment. Use a *small* bladed screwdriver to get into the crosspoint. With a full tank, adjust the needle onto the Full mark rather than above the Full mark.

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    The fuel sender works based on a resistance value. That value has to match up with what the gauge is expecting at full and empty. I would assume since its so far off that the fuel sender was replaced with another sender that doesn't have the matching resistance value at full.

    It sounds like your going to be adjusting what the gauge thinks is full resistance by turning a resistance screw? This would make sense and should be as simple as it sounds. your going to be reducing the resistance range of the gauge to match the "full" level to what the sender signal is at when full.

    or are we adjusting the fuel sender screw? either one (gauge or sender) will be doing the same thing basically. making an adjustment to match "tank full" resistance level
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      Does an '07 have a centroid sender? I know the 2014+ prostars do, I'd have thought an 07 would not.


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        It does have the centroid sender and I adjusted it this weekend. Seems to be reading more accurately now so it is a win! easy to do and way better than trying to replace the sender.