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New guy here and my 84 *---*---*---*___

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  • New guy here and my 84 *---*---*---*___

    Sorry this first post got longer than anticipated:

    Hello fellow MC enthusiasts... been lurking here for a few weeks now.... offline of course, as the search feature and old threads are golden for me. thought i'd join so i could ask a few specific questions...knowing that some have probably been done-to-death over time.

    I bought a 1984 MC, powerslot, when i was about 19 (49 now). was in college, working part-time construction, still living with my folks, and bless them, they were cool enough to let me buy a used MC. Anyway.... the boat is in pretty good condition, things considered...

    i "dug it out" a few weeks ago, as it's been largely untouched for 10 years, got a mechanic and got it running again. still needs a little love on some things, the Holley for one, and the tranny has what sounds like a fight-club going on inside the bell...from what i can tell, it sounds like the damper plate is shot, so that's next on the list.

    Couple of smaller things i want to begin to bring life back to, if ya'll indulge me

    1. the bilge pump and float switch: up until a couple days ago, the pump/impeller would run but not bale water. Odd to me. I blew out the hose, as it likely had some old trash in it, but the pump has now quit altogether. So, i'll be replacing that and the float switch. to my question; why would the impeller have worked...but not pump water? there really wasn't a great deal of trash in the line, IMO.

    2. my interior was redone about 10-12 years ago...still holding on pretty good. the wood behind the side rails is garbage though. I'm less an upholsterer than i am mechanic..but is it as simple as pulling the staples/removing all the rotted wood and stapling the side rails to some new lumber? I tend to oversimplify things at times...

    thanks for the help you fellows have provided thus far, w/o the benefit of knowing it, and thanks for any responses you may have here.

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    I had an 83 back in the day with the slot and wished I had it back.....mine had the 351 in I'm sure yours does........I can help with most anything you may have just PM me.........great boat for sure and will pull a house down.


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      Your question about upholstery backing . . .
      Yes, I redid a 91 several years ago with new skins and backing board. I just used marine plywood and stainless staples. Some people have use HDPE instead of wood. Time consuming but not hard. Have several beers handy, a comfortable height work bench, and an electric stapler.
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        Thread needs pics..... just saying


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          Bilge pumps are less pumps and more like blowers they have to prime with water to really move an appreciable amount and even simple things like a droop in the hose can cause them to not prime easily unless there is quite a bit of water. And they can also suffer from issues like the impeller getting loose on the motor shaft.


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            Thanks for the replies fellas. Big help

            So the damper plate wasn’t the prize. Pulled the engine this am swapped the plate put her all back together then river test this pm..still raising hell! Velvet drive bad I’m guessing?
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