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  • 2020 Explorer

    Anybody have one? Love it, hate it? What kind of real world mpg’s are you getting?

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    I just had one for a rental car in Florida this week. Seems pretty nice and has a decent amount of pep. I will see that the motor is loud for what it is and I expected it to be quieter. Otherwise the whole thing seems well refined


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      We have a 2020 Platinum. Love it! Seems very premium and way cheaper than a similar Lincoln. Has the 6 cyl and runs great. Avg economy 19-20. Highway around 24.


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        Watching this as I have an option in 2021 to switch from a vehicle allowance to a provided Explorer.
        I will keep the truck as a tow vehicle.
        Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place.


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          I bought one about a month ago, the ST model. In 1k miles I am still showing 20.1 mpg. For 400 hp I feel pretty good about it. The car itself is fun to drive, looks good, handles traffic well. I would buy the same car again.


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            We got an ST. Only have about 350 miles on it. It's my wife's vehicle. I like it. It's fast. My only complaint is the fake engine noise they pump through the speakers. I need to get forscan to remove it. The fake engine noise is loud and since I know it's fake, I really dislike it. The technology package is an extra grand, and for that you get a 10in touch screen that sticks up in the air and looks like a rediculous after thought, 2 speakers, and messaging seats. We skipped that option.

            I think it tows my boat better than my 5.0 f150. Technically, the one I rest drove did. I haven't actually towed my boat with ours.

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