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Coolant/hose issue

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  • Coolant/hose issue

    So was getting ready to go out for a late day surfing session and as we were leaving the dock the alarm went off. Shut her off and opened the back up. Saw we had a pin hole in one of the hoses. Boat is a 06 X15 with the closed cooling system. While looking for the leak I found a label that said do not use a ethylene-glycol based antifreeze. I had noticed the last time we were out the reservoir was a little low on antifreeze so I had added some without knowing there was only a certain type I wasn’t supposed to use. Not sure what kind I used. Honestly didn’t know there was a difference. Noticed this time when it was cool it still wasn’t as high as it was supposed to. Did forget to check it when it got hot today to see if it rose in the reservoir. No way of knowing now of course. My question is do you think I used the wrong type of antifreeze and caused an issue or do you think I’ve got a blockage that is keeping antifreeze from getting into the reservoir and the system built up to much pressure and cause the hole. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are in the middle of our week of vacation and I want to get back on the water as soon as I can

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    I am betting the pinhole has nothing to do with what little of the ethylene glycol you used. Not sure what type it should use tho.....


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      the alarm didn't go off because of the fluid or the pin hole.. it was something else.. what was the temp? oil pressure? what did all the gauges say? The wrong type of fluid in the small amount you added is no issue... you would probably do good to flush the system and check all the hoses, thermostat, water pump, etc...

      If your system has a sensor for low fluid... you could just add some distilled water to get it filled up and then see if the light goes out... if it does then you are fine to run for the week just keep adding water as needed... then do the flush/fill and hose replacement after your vacation...

      Your owners manual will have the type of fluid you should use in your cooling system...