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98 Maristar 200VRS Windshield Repair

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  • 98 Maristar 200VRS Windshield Repair

    While trying to replace the plastic lockdown clips on the center walkthrough part of the windshield, I ended up shattering the glass. I initially ordered some through a local glass shop, but they couldn’t get the Solex in 3/16” so instead ordered me 1/8” and 1/4”, which wasn’t very helpful. I can cram the 1/4” in but I can’t get the frame lined up to screw back together. I can’t tell if it’s because the glass doesn’t sit all the way down in the rubber channel or if my measurements were off or if it was just the thickness of the glass that was preventing reassembly. Anyway, I’ve called Mastercraft and Taylor Made and they don’t have the measurements. Also talked to the place in Miami but haven’t heard back from them yet. Basically, I’ve seen others on here that have had to repair their windshields and was wondering if they had the dimensions that they used for the center walkthrough glass.

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    I don't have any info for you, but you might want to consider getting in contact with the poster of this thread:

    If they follow through on parting-out, you may be able to buy theirs.
    1998 Maristar 200VRS