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95 Maristar leaking fuel from puck on top of tank

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  • 95 Maristar leaking fuel from puck on top of tank

    Evening TT’ers, I have a 95 Maristar 200vrs v-drive. Fuel leaks out of the black puck on top of the gas tank and spills into the bilge when the tank is full. So I’ve been only filling up the tank halfway, so I’m always worried about running out of gas. Any guidance on how to fix this? Maybe a bead of permatex between the puck and the tank would do the trick. Thanks in advance.

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    That should be a NO Run Condition for Me….fuel or fuel vapors a terrible situation, explosive…not sure of the fix with your boat, but wouldn't run it even half full…gas in bilge is terrible…or even gas fumes leaking from the puck…terrible


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      There should be a gasket if the puck is screwed to the tank, and if so get a new gasket, or make one. Most of the gasket in a tube products should be resistant to fuel but double check the label, I would prefer to go with an OE gasket.

      I am tight on most things but not on safety and I agree with Fullpass, this is a NO GO situation for me. I would not even start my boat until all fuel vapours are gone. Sadly I have seen the aftermath of fuel igniting in the bilge...

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        Having been on a boat that caught fire I can tell you first hand that you don't want to be in this situation.

        Pull the "puck" off and look for a gasket or O ring then either make another or source another before taking the boat out again. Another option would be to contact your dealer and ask them to look up the parts list for that area of the fuel tank to see what was there originally and see if you can source the part from them.

        This obviously is not an area to take a chance or try to same money with a less than ideal solution. While using a sealant may work I would never rely on it for an area like this.