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    Hi, So i have a 2001 x star 330 hp. It has the Heater Craft low idle Wye valve installed correctly. Every once in a while the small hole in the y valve gets clogged from shale or what knot and stops proper flow.
    I've noticed that other new heaters are much warmer at all speeds. I assume that this is because of the inline pump used on the newer boats has much better flow.
    My question is, Can I install a new pump and continue to use the Wye valve or do i need to reroute the return line.
    If so I would think I will need to drill out the small 1/8 inch hole in the return line to something bigger. anyone ever do this mod?
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    Install a raw water sea strainer. That should be enough to keep debris from plugging to low-idle wye. Personally, I don’t think the new boats with heater pumps do any better at keeping the heater warm at idle than the wye does. I’ve had both set-ups.


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      I have installed a small booster pump in the heater line, and while I have not been able to test it on a cold morning on the water, it seems to be much hotter at idle than previous when testing on the hose. I did not change my return line as mine connects to the recirc pump and not the raw water pickup.

      I used a 12v solar hot water pump $20 from eBay and connected to the heater switch so it only pumps when the heater fan is running.

      That said, if you return line is blocked this would be your priority to resolve and installing a strainer on your raw water intake should solve this.

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