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    Does anyone know what device can be attached to the ski pylon for the go pro to video a slalom skier? It would swivel and follow the rope side to side?

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    Look up:


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      Most of the ones I have seen I have found them to be expensive. I would make one, or just have someone film from the boat using a monopole. I would also not recommend using a GoPro. The GoPro is really a POV camera and since the subject will be as many as 75ft away from the camera, I find it to less than ideal for filming. I have had much better luck using a traditional video camera.

      These are some of the mounts out there:
      The XT1 Pylon Mount looks like it would be easy to build at home

      There are more, just do an internet search.

      Now, a GoPro attached to the line close to the skier is a different animal and can create some very good video. Fairly simple to put a piece of PVC pipe over the line and mount a GoPro to the pipe. Also the pipe needs to be anchored to the line to keep it from spinning around.

      Or, attach the GoPro to the ski.