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  • Lake house must haves

    We have purchased a lot at the lake and looking for an architect to start drawing up our new lake house. We are planning to build a shop or garage large enough to fit out boat & trailer and get it out of my heated shop at the office. For those of you who have built before, or have a list if items you wish you had in your shop please post them. Must haves for me so far are, insulated, heated, floor drain, ceiling fans, ice machine, space or racks for boards. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    12' pull through doors, bathroom, RO water for the ice machine, single door cooler for beverages.

    Beer neons, MC signs, and pin up girls for decor.


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      Possible Storage above

      It started as an attic. Finished it, but no A/C or heat. Mostly storage, gets a lot of junk out of the main garage floor. Put stair case going up to it and replaced the pull down stairs, much easier to move stuff up and down, especially big or heavy stuff. Wish it was apt like for guest.

      We have a pull through door on the opposite side, which allows for a lot of air blowing through, open concept, visibility and flexibility. GL
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        Don’t forget insulated garage doors

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          Wall mount opener beside the door spring for future vehicle lift. Kegerator with Guinness on tap!


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            Projector, screen, sound system to post how-to videos from You tube, etc.
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              An i-beam or other support to lift heavy stuff with a chainfall.


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                Hot and cold water for washing vehicles.

                In Wall speaker system
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                  Large grate shelves to put wet seats when the boat is going to be in there for a while.


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                    Originally posted by John Johnson View Post
                    Large grate shelves to put wet seats when the boat is going to be in there for a while.
                    Great idea...and a Big A$$ Fan over the boat to dry it out
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                      Yes, I already have the Big A$$ fan selected.
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                        Don't forger moisture barrier under the slab so the floor doesn't sweat

                        Fans and drains a must

                        Stairs to attic storage a must....did that in my attached garage....set to attic piggy backs set to basement

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                          a drain in your garage and or boat storage area. I can not tell you how many new constructions i see around here that people refuse to do this and they all regret it.

                          RO water is always nice

                          network cable everywhere

                          if you are getting uv blocking windows and want wifi outside make sure you wire for an outdoor access point. the newer uv window coatings are a nightmare on RF signals.

                          power to the dock


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                            Urinal and wash basin.. drain in garage floor might be a code issue

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                              Outdoor shower