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2012 Board Rack Repairs

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  • 2012 Board Rack Repairs

    The last couple of seasons my board racks became harder and harder to swivel. I decided this off season I would investigate why. After finding only a small amount of information on the one year only board rack design, I thought I would share my findings and repairs I had to do.
    The original design is flawed. The top of the board rack has 4 bolts that hold the cam to the arm, however the bottom of the board rack is connected with only 2 bolts to the other end of the cam. You will see in the pictures the bolts were badly bent and stressed ready to break off completely. The ball bearings and SS plates were badly worn also.
    I replaced the two top SS plates that the ball bearing ride on and all 8 ball bearings. Also replaced the bottom cap that has the threaded knob that tightens down to lock the racks from swiveling. The cap bolt holes were worn and enlarged from the design flaws.

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    I used 222 Loctite on the small fasteners that hold the SS plates in place and Blue medium strength on all other fasteners.


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      This is a picture of how the bottom cap was damaged from the stress on the two bottom bolts.


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        Great work! Crazy how much those bolts deformed.