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1995 Maristar 200 Dash replacement

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  • 1995 Maristar 200 Dash replacement

    I have been having some problems with the switch that raises and lowers my deck and needed to replace it. Also my dash panels were breaking up and in bad shape so I ordered some new panels from Greg Weaver (they look great by the way) and am in the process of installing. It is turning into a pain as half the nuts behind the dash that hold the panels in place turn freely and there is a limited amount of space to work.

    Did I read where the entire dash pod is removable? If so how hard is this to do? It seems that it would be a lost easier if I took the entire pod out and had some room to work.

    Has anyone done this?

    By the way the switches in my dash were McGill and after a little effort I was able to find replacements on eBay.