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2001 205V aquamarine deck upgrade

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  • 2001 205V aquamarine deck upgrade

    I was able to get 2 sheets of material in November for 1/2 off from Aquamarine deck $140. I picked Caribbean Blue Brushed. It does look like a more green than blue even though it is on the blue side of the color palate.. It is so light that it is hard to really tell as it is almost a straight white.. I would have picked light gray if I had to do it again.. Which may happen later anyway... when it wears out...

    I removed all carpet which was very easy as the glue was totally warn out.. it is 17 years old after all...the challenge was getting the carpet out from under the seat walls and the gaps.. Attached are the tools used. The vibrating trim cutter took the carpet out from under the seats and out of the cracks it was the best thing I could find to use... beat all other methods.

    The gaps are the challenge, I want to shrink them to less than 1/4", I don't want a 1/2 gap between the pieces. I have had a couple of thoughts but now have a plan...I want to keep it as functional as it was originally including the gas top and the ski locker...

    I ordered some 5200 for the gaps around the floor and the seats and the front gap. I have to wait for some warm weather.. it was 10 on Sunday morning... I am also going to use the 5200 to raise up the Aluminum floor piece to be level with the deck fiberglass. I thought about a piece of rubber which I think would work just fine but the 5200 provides a permanent and malleable solution due to the variations in the fiberglass ledge.

    Now the challenge is the Aluminum floor gap to the the fiberglass deck which is 1/2" to 1/4" all around it... I was going to add AL to the floor piece but after more thought I am going to affix a piece of AL (or other material) to the fiberglass as the floor has the ability to affix a piece with a bit of 5200 and screws. Then I can finish it to match the floor and the AL movable piece I would like to get the gap down to around 1/8" uniform. The fiberglass floor is the one that is variable the AL piece is perfectly square... This will also apply to the ski locker as needed.

    Now for behind the drivers side wall. Back in 2001 they did not finish they just put on the carpet over the rough fiberglass... so I have 2 thoughts one is to get new carpet for that and all the compartments (which I would like to do next year instead), or if I have enough closed cell foam I will put it on the wall, the only issue is it isn't very smooth so I would need to address that.

    I am going to create a pattern for the foam from luan plywood and cut the foam to that and use a router to round off the edges. I am going to have what appears to be 5 floor pieces including the front.. then possibly the driver side wall...
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    I’d live for someone to make templates - so I can buy a kit


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      I recently templated my 96 ProStar because I didn’t want to tackle a carpet install. It’s a real pain.
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        Its coming along...making template is toughest part if you have time take lots of it and have patience.


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          Subscribing...interested to see how this comes out. Should be nice once all finished.


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            5200 arrived but with the low of 8 degrees tonight no progress too be made..

            Maybe just maybe next week.. sigh...


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              Finally some progress... the weather is better... I am going to my friend this week to see if we add AL to the pieces or if we add them to the fiberglass... both the tank and the ski locker top need to be "adjusted" to get to within 1/8 or so gap....

              I filled in the cracks with some rubber gap sealer from local Hardware store.. cheaper than tubes and tubes of 5200...

              As you can see from the lake picture this weekend I have plenty of time....

              apparently I cannot load anything right side up...
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