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Knock sensor on an MCX 350

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  • Knock sensor on an MCX 350

    This weekend, I drained my block but for some reason, only a few drops of water came out of the block after taking the knock sensor out. On the other side, after removing the drain plug, water came out profusely. I was expecting just as much water from either side. I ran the boat again, drained it again, same results. I am concerned that practically no water comes out when I remove the knock sensor. Is there another plug on that side?

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    I think that's it. Did you stick something up in there to make sure the 'gunk' wasn't blocking the hole? I also leave the plugs out while I'm pulling the other hoses. Don't know if there is some sort of vacuum with some of the cavities, but more water comes out the plugs with each hose it seems.


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      I did not poke through the hole to make sure it wasn't plugged up. I take it that water should have come out of there just like it did on the other side.


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        Sediment can clog the hole, take a piece of wire and poke it into the hole and plenty of water should come out.
        I was njskier on here.


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          you should get a near identical result from both sides. Get a piece of wire or coat hanger in there and see if sand, mud or some other garbage is in there restricting the flow.


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            YES, that was exactly my problem, there were sediments in there blocking the water from flowing freely. I used a small screw driver to clean the area and sure enough, water came out as it did on the other side. Thank you for helping me with this issue.