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2017 XT-23/5500GDI Winterization

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  • 2017 XT-23/5500GDI Winterization

    I’ve got some more time this year, we’ve always had the dealer do all service since new, considering doing it myself this year. For the ballast bags-where do you get the bridge connectors? Engine winterization-anyone use a pressure pump of some sort to utilize the flush valve for RV antifreeze induction? If so, what type works best? Don’t want to “overpressurize” it. We have a heater-I believe electric on these, no mention in any of the manuals on how to address it. Also, in regard to the transmission, no mention in the manuals of something to drain there. A scatter box of questions, thank you in advance to anyone that can take a crack at any part of it!
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