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YouTube winterization video for MCX just released

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  • YouTube winterization video for MCX just released

    I am trying my hand at YouTube. I just created a winterization video with my 2006 X15 (MCX 350). Please be easy on me. This is the first video that I have ever made. There are fine details here and there that I probably missed. It is hard to put everything in that you want without making the video super long. I have new respect for professional video editors now.
    Anyway, I hope that the video can help someone out. This has been my winterizing method for the past 7 or so seasons.

    I have to give thanks to a lot of you on Teamtalk. Much of this I learned from all of you guys.

    I also have another Mastercraft how to video in the works.

    Thanks again,
    We defy the mafia!