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X24 6.2 Intake hose diameter

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  • X24 6.2 Intake hose diameter


    A buddy is picking up a used X24 and of course he wants to test drive before handing over money. Taking the boat back up in the mountains of Colorado will see freezing temps, so I need to help him winterize before the drive home.

    Can someone tell me the diameter of the intake hose? I've got a 5 gallon bucket already rigged up for winterization, but want to be sure I take the right size hose with.

    I just looked at a 2022 X24 with the 7.4 and it has 1.5" diameter hoses after the strainer. Is the 6.2 also 1.5" ID hoses?

    2013 X-Star - 7.4 Ilmor

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    This video shows how to winterize both the GDI motors 5.3 55000 or the 6.2 6000. You can just drain all the water on the hoses with the yellow indicators and take out the bolts in the exhaust that are marked yellow do a quit start and rev and kill if you don't want to do the pink stuff. If you use the pink stuff you do not have to back out the bolt on the exhaust or to the dry start. I did this video when I had the 5.3 in my NXT22 and I now have the X22 with the 6.2 and works just the same. This does not work on the 7.4 or 6.0.

    Also get on a hill with the bow up and hit the over ride empty on the ballast over and over until all water is out.


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      Also I'm in the Denver area if thats where yall are I could come help you. I also have a fake a lake and the big jug to fully winterize the ballast system with the pink stuff.

      Murdoc's has the bet price on the pink stuff in Colorado, $3.99/gal


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        Thanks Tookey. Yes, I've watched your vid many times - and it would certainly work. Although my goal after test driving would be to pull the intake, hook up the 5gal bucket of antifreeze, start the engine and wait for pink stuff out of the exhaust. Then start the drive back.

        I will probably take both 1.25 and 1.5 hoses just to be sure. Good thing is we can use your method if needed. Thanks for putting that video together!
        2013 X-Star - 7.4 Ilmor


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          Not sure on the X24, however on my X25/6.2 I just pull the intake hose off the the exit side of the water strainer, stick a funnel in the hose & pour 2.5 gallons of antifreeze while running the engine, works like a charm. Off course I drain the block & exhaust 1st. If the engine is pre-warmed up, a good slow pour ensures the thermostat opens & I hit 160 by the time the second gallon is going in.


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            Tookeymonster, your video was awesome, but my 6.2L salt series (2015 x23) doesn’t have the drain points id’d. From a follow-up post of yours, it looks like you moved to an x22 with a 6.2L. This is my first year winterizing and I want to ensure everything is done correctly, so if you have an updated video or pics it would be awesome to reference. Thank you!​