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How do you lower a Mastercraft tower?

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  • How do you lower a Mastercraft tower?

    I have a 2010 Mastercraft X2 with a tower. I was shocked when I went to you tube and no one has a video of them lowering the tower on their boat. Can someone explain the process of make a video?

    When I boat my boat it was in another town about 4 hours away. The gps carried me on a different route than the one we came in on. We came to an old railroad bridge that my boat wouldn't fit under with the tower up. Problem is my plug was only a 3 wire and it didn't have the brake release prong, so I was in a mess. Luckily 3-4 people helped me unhook the boat from the tahoe and push it back and got it turned around, but man I backed up traffic for 30 minutes. Everyone kept asking me why I did just lower the tower and I explained I just bought the boat and have no idea where to start on lowering it, a year later and I still don't have an idea how to lower the tower!
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    Just a quick tip....if you get stuck with the 3 can take it out and flip it backwards and just plug in one of the 3 prongs into the empty outlet (the hydrolic brake release while in reverse)...this will allow you to back up the trailer...then just get out and flip it back around. I had to do this until I had the 4 prong (5 including ground) adapter installed on my truck. My advice...go ahead and just have the 7 pin plug installed and just buy a 7-5 pin adapter for your boat. Saves in the long run.


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      remove forward screw knob on base of tower port and starboard, disconnect both quick connect speaker coupling and light coupling on top of tower port and starboard as you disconnect the coupling you'll notice a clamshell coupling with a screw knob loosen screw knob and flip clamshell this will allow you to fold the back half of tower down to the sun pad if you need to lower the front half of tower there's a screw knob on the tower legs in front of windshield port and starboard that you'll need to remove to fold front half towards the bow
      hope this helps


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        what snork said but remove the fwd knob screw completely and loosen the rear just slightly, it can possibly tighten as you lift back up and be a bear to loosen after that. Remove the bimini completly and set aside. I have 4 speakers and with the added wt the bimini makes it agrevating to hold. Be careful when taking the mirror off. The little white bushings in there sometimes fall out. Be careful in first step of putting back up. Go up with front legs first. Then put in screws in front tower legs and be aware that they are on a slight angle. Another tip since you have speakers is that it makes it a bit heavier. I didnt like it laying on my seats so I placed a rubber mallet in the hole where the lower boom goes next to the engine cover (handle down). Then lower tower and let the part (where the tow rope goes on light) rest on the hammer end. This keeps it off the fabric. also rotate your ski racks (fingers fwd) so that the fingers or triangle shaped piece does hit fabric. When i lay the front legs down i take a beach towel of vest and let the legs rest on that instead of fabric. Good idea, i think i will shoot a vid of lowering and raising mine.


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          Thank you

          Yes, I'd love to see a video!!!!


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            you can also go to your local dealer and ask them for a lockout key. it slips in the tongue to prevent sliding back and engaging the brake. may not be a bad idea to have one in your glove box. you dont want to tow with it b/c it will fall out plus safety reasons. but to use for a quick turn around and then remove would be fine. not sure what they cost. my dealer gave me one in case i ever need to move with my tractor. probably a couple bucks.